Our story

our story

We all have spent quite a lot of time online, making new friends, talking to people and just overall having fun. But some of us have always been more keen on deeper conversations. 

So, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic 2 of us created a small community, with a chat channel for deep conversations.

That channel first started off with some basic conversations about space, time-travel and stuff like that. But after a while one of our community members decided to open up in that channel.
Shortly after, more people started to use the channel to talk about what is on their mind and how they feel about life in general.

We decided to make the channel private, so we could make sure the information shared in there stayed in there.

Now that channel turned out to be the safehaven for a lot of our community members. To share their thoughts and worries among people they can trust.

We have seen a lot of different stories in there, from relationship-problems to suicide thoughts/attempts. But whatever was on their mind, there was always someone willing to help them!

And this, this feeling of safety while making new friends, is exactly what we want to reacreate with this app, so the whole world can experience it!