who is tijmen?

about Tijmen:


Hello, I am Tijmen!

I am a 15-year old boy from Eindhoven, a city in the south of the Netherlands.
I have been fascinated by technology since I was a small boy, and I knew my future would be computers and technology!

I am generally pretty shy when it comes to making friends, especially in real life. Thats why I resorted to using the internet to meet new people!
I have streamed on twitch for a while, and I still go on there every now and then!
I also love to listen to, and play music!

I am currently, in 5-VWO, which is basically the Dutch version of 11th grade

After my high-school, I will see how well my app is doing, and from there on decide whether I am going to a university, or try to persue my dreams immediatly!
I would love to travel the world, and show others the power of dreaming!
I would love to just live my life to the fullest


Read more about how I came to the idea of TOF: